Netflix JEWISH MATCHMAKING release date and TRAILER

We finally have details on the new Netflix reality series Jewish Matchmaking, spin off to Indian Matchmaking.

Watch the trailer below and find out when you’ll be able to binge the upcoming series!

Netflix Matchmaking

Jewish Matchmaking is an upcoming reality series from Netflix. Based on a similar concept to its previous hit Indian Matchmaking, the show will follow Jewish singles trying to find love by enlisting a professional matchmaker.

Indian Matchmaking, starring Sima Taparia, has two prior seasons on Netflix and the third season JUST posted (today!) April 21, 2023.

Will there be a season 3 of the Netflix series Indian Matchmaking?

The programs are both seen as controversial by some because of their slightly “archaic” approach to love, but true fans seem hooked on rooting for the cast members to finally find their perfect match.

Jewish Matchmaking trailer

The trailer for Jewish Matchmaking is finally here! Watch below:

Aleeza Ben Shalom is the “Sima Taparia” for this series, billing herself as both a matchmaker and dating coach. Shalom claims to have helped over 200 couples “make it to the chuppah” so there’s a real chance she can help her clients on camera find love.

In the trailer we meet a few of the hopefuls, including a woman who wants “(the guys) to be obsessed with” her. Another woman “needs passion.” Sounds easy enough!

The series seems to take a more diverse approach than its predecessor Indian Matchmaking, including a few Orthodox Jews, and a Jewish woman of color, just to name a few…

Jewish Matchmaking release date

We finally have a release date for Jewish Matchmaking season 1! Netflix will drop the new show on May 3rd.

Since we know that Indian Matchmaking releases all its episodes at once, Jewish Matchmaking will likely follow the same suit.

The Matchmaking franchise seasons we have so far typically include 8 episodes spanning between 30-40 minutes.

We cant wait to see Aleeza Ben Shalom do the job she claims is “the hardest in the world.”

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