How are Teen Mom 3’s Alex Sekella and Matt McCann doing today?

Alex Sekella and Matt McCann - Co-parenting

Teen Mom 3 wraps up its first season later tonight and throughout the dozen episodes so far viewers have seen Alex Sekella and Matt McCann’s already tumultuous relationship deteriorate even further. But, it’s important to remember that the entire season was filmed more than a year ago and a lot has changed since Matt was essentially homeless and still struggling with his drug addiction.

For the majority of the past year, Alex had full custody of Arabella. There is some discrepancy about whether either parent attempted to arrange for informal visitations. (He says she refused, she says he never showed.) Either way, Matt did go months without seeing Bellie — even though he cleaned up his act with the help of fiance Lekota Koch.

Matt frequently expressed his frustration at being unable to see Bellie, but it wasn’t until last month that he successfully petitioned for formal visitations. Ever since, he’s gotten brief meetings with Arabella every Wednesday and every other Saturday.

“Basically I went to court and was granted partial physical custody with supervised visitation, I go back in a month to get more than that,” Matt told us. “Bellie is amazing! She knew I was daddy from my very first visit, we like to read together and cuddle and watch movies.”

Matt McCann - Arabella Visitation

Although Alex was reluctant to exposing her daughter to someone who had been so unreliable in the past, she’s learning how to better communicate with the help of local co-parent education classes (or COPE).

“I attended a COPE class myself. It was nice, and I felt it will help Matt understand my views on the whole situation — if he pays attention,” she told us.

Alex Sekella - Arabella

Speaking with us, Matt took some ownership for his co-parenting struggles — but said there’s a reason he doesn’t communicate with Alex.

“We only talk when I call to speak to Bellie. Her mother is who I talk to. It’s court ordered that she is not involved with my visitation and things like that,” Matt said of Alex.

Catch Alex and Matt on the season finale of Teen Mom 3 on MTV tonight at 10/9C.

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