Teen Mom 3’s Matt McCann back on drugs, splits from wife Lekota and son Matt Jr

Matt McCann Lekota Koch split

We have a terrible Teen Mom 3 update to report as Alex Sekella’s ex Matthew McCann is reportedly back on drugs and currently not with his wife Lekota and newborn son Matt, Jr.

Matt, who had serious drug addiction issues while taping 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom 3, had gotten himself clean and was three-and-a-half years sober when he married long-time girlfriend Lekota Koch in December. Lekota was eight months pregnant at the time, and she later gave birth to Matt, Jr. on January 15. Apparently it was just a matter of weeks after Matt, Jr. was born that Matt, Sr. began to slip up.

“I just dont want to be around when the truth comes out,” Lekota tweeted back on February 11. On March 12, she once again hinted that something might be amiss: “A lot of things have changed in the last month but im very happy with where I am(:”

Hours ago, Alex confirmed the split happened back in February. She said that Matt was using again and that he cheated on her. “We’ve been seperated since Feb,” Lekota wrote. “When he decided he’d rather f**k other wh0res and do drugs. So I am goooood.”

Apparently, Lekota only went public with the news because of an imminent Radar Online article. “Before you read some piece of sh!t Radar article. Lemme just say Matt and I are getting a divorce. He’s in a bad way and my son is safe,” tweeted Lekota. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, that article will focus on Matt’s drug use and will probably be out tomorrow. [UPDATE – Alex has since stated on Twitter that it was her ex-roommate that spoke with Radar. And why would she do that? “I guess he owes her rent.,” Lekota tweeted.]

Here’s a photo from Matt and Lekota’s wedding in December:

Matt and Lekota McCann wedding

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Lekota continues to fill in her Twitter followers with what happened, and emphasizes that Matt, Jr. is doing great:

I’m back in PA. Alex and I are good. I’m okay and very much over it. Just looking forward to a better future!

To my amazing friends on here who knew and never said anything and to Alex who didn’t either, thank y’all. I just want to keep Matty safe.

Guys, don’t feel sorry for me!! I am GOOD! Life is so much better.

Matt cheated when my son was 3 weeks old. When I found out a week later, i was on a plane not even 24 hours later. He video calls and asks about Matty daily. He’s kinda just went off the deep end. I’m happy my life is no longer tied down to his. I have a better future now. I just hope Matt gets his sh!t together one day for his kids. Matty is my greatest joy and I will always do what is best for him. Thank you.

Enjoy seeing some of y’all talking sh!t ? when Matt moves home and serves his jail time, if he wants to be a dad to Matty, that’s fine. You people seriously kill me. Don’t be concerned about my son. He’s happy, healthy and spoiled. And any custody arraignment made will be what is best for him. My son deserves a dad and a mom. So please shut up. Its annoying how nosey y’all are.


UPDATE – More from Lekota:

Matt’s not a %100 shitty person but what you read in that Radar article tomorrow.. You’re gonna hate him more than you hate Jenelle and Adam. Addiction is horrible, it makes you think doing horrible sh!t is OK. Pray for him.

Don’t feel bad for Matty and me. But feel bad for Matt. He’s ruined his entire life and its only going to get worse. Such a sad, sad thing.


Lekota moved back to Pennsylvania while Matt reportedly stayed in Idaho. However, Lekota tweeted a week and a half ago that she could possibly be heading to the Tarheel State soon. “Might be moving to NC for a few months,” she wrote. “An hour away from Wilmington.” She later added that it was a friend in the Marines “somewhere in or around Camp LeJeune” that offered her and Matt, Jr. a place to stay.

I’ve been writing about celebrities — and the Teen Mom franchises extensively — over the past seven years, and this story really shocks and saddens me. Matt is SUCH an intelligent and funny guy, and he and Lekota REALLY seemed to be happy and heading towards a great future together. F**king drugs!

On a more positive note, Lekota’s return to Pennsylvania meant Matt, Jr’ was able to meet his big half-sister Arabella! Check out this photo posted by Lekota:

Matt McCann's son and sister Arabella together

“So this happened..” Lekota tweeted along with the photo, which was posted late last month. “She is very proud to be a big sister and she absolutely loves him.”

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