Mackenzie McKee shares 8-month baby bump photo, opens etsy shop

Teen Mom 3 Mackenzie Douthit McKee pregnant baby bump 8 months

Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit-McKee is currently pregnant with her second child and the 19-year-old expectant mom has been periodically sharing bare baby bump photos with fans via instagram. Mackenzie continued her generosity with a new selfie showing her HUGE belly at eight months! (It should be remembered that her belly may actually seem larger because of Mackenzie’s small, 4′ 11″ frame.)

And speaking of frames, Mackenzie is making the best of her pregnancy time by creating handmade photo frames and crosses and making them available for purchase on etsy with prices ranging from $18 to $42 — which seems pretty danged reasonable!

Mackenzie Douthit cowboy frame from etsy

The frames are definitely purely Mackenzie, with a girly (and sometimes not so girly) cowboy flair, and of course the crosses are a reflection of Mackenzie’s (and the entire Douthit family’s) strong Christian beliefs. Here are a couple more samples — in one of which I inserted a recent family photo shared by Mackenzie on instagram. 😉

Mackenzie McKee Douthit frame from etsy

Teen Mom 3 Mackenzie Douthit McKee handmade cross etsy

Click here to check out Mackenzie’s etsy shop Mackenzie’s Makings!

Now, back to another of Mackenzie’s Makings, her baby girl. Thanks to her numerous photos, we’ve been maintaining a “Mackenzie McKee Baby Bump Timeline,” so of course we had to update it with the latest, 8-month picture.

Click to enlarge:
Teen Mom 3 pregnant Mackenzie Douthit McKee baby bump photos 8 months

#knockonwood It seems that Mackenzie has been doing extremely well health-wise with her new pregnancy, a big concern given her type one diabetes and the sometimes life-threatening health risks that she faces. Obviously, we will continue to follow Mackenzie’s pregnancy progress and will update again if she shares another baby bump photo or if the stork arrives — whichever comes first!

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