What Is Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella’s ex Matt McCann up to now?

Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella's ex Matt McCann

MTV’s Teen Mom 3 is expected to premiere next month and one of the biggest questions fans are looking forward to having answered is what happened with Matthew McCann, the father of Alex Sekella’s daughter Arabella who was reportedly struggling with drug addiction at the time his daughter was born and the MTV cameras were rolling? We got a little impatient and decided to find out the answer to that question a little early!

The first thing that should be said is that Alex and Matt have DEFINITELY not reconciled in any shape, form or fashion. Their relationship remains strained to say the least, with Alex saying Matt hasn’t seen Arabella since March of 2012 and that she hasn’t talked to Matt herself since Christmas.

Recent photo of Matt from Facebook:
Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella's baby daddy Matthew McCann

Alex even went so far as to recently have Matt’s parental rights terminated! When asked in a recent online Q&A session with fans whether or not she thought Matt would fight to keep his parental rights to Arabella, Alex responded with “Nope. When we went to court for custody he didn’t even show up. We had to get him on the phone and he, I quote, said ‘give her what she wants.'”

Here are a few more questions and answers from Alex about Matt:

Does Arabella ask about her dad? If so what she ask?
She has never asked about him yet other when she saw the 16&P episode and she [asked] who he was and I said a friend.

Did Matt cheat on u? The only problem in ur relationship were drugs?
Matt cheated on me with 5 different girls.

Alex Sekella and Matt McCann from 16 & Pregnant:
Alex Sekella and babyy daddy Matt McCann from 16 and Pregnant

Does Matt’s family have a relationship with Arabella? And do they speak with him at all?
Yes, she sees his family. Matt only calls his mom when he needs money.

It doesn’t bother u Arabella not havin’ a father figure?
She has my dad and my grandpas. She has plenty of good male role models.

If Arabella asks you about her dad and says that she wants to meet him around the age of 16, will you support her and help her?
Yes. If we can find him then.

Where does Matt live?
I think with his girlfriend and her parents.

Matt McCann and girlfriend Lekota Koch

So who is Matt McCann’s girlfriend? Her name is Lekota Koch (seen with Matt in the photo above) and she’s an 18-year-old high school graduate living in Slatington, Pennsylvania. She and Matt have been dating for close to a year and the two are quite open about their relationship on Facebook, often posting photos and exchanging affectionate messages.

Alex Sekella baby daddy Matthew McCann and girlfriend Lekota Koch

For example, along with a photo of herself in her high school graduation gown, Lekota posted this message back in June:

There is no one else that I would rather have had at my side today, at such an important moment in my life. I love you with my whole heart and if you let me, I’d love to spend the rest of my life with you. You are an amazing boyfriend and the best friend I could have ever asked for. You are the only one for me Matt ♥

Lekota was even there by Matt’s side after he fell off a cliff and broke his neck and back in November. Here’s a photo of Matt with Lekota not long after he was able to leave the hospital in which he is still wearing a neck brace:

Alex Sekella's ex Matt McCann in a neckbrace after he fell from The Knob cliff

At the time of his accident, details about what happened exactly were pretty sketchy. (Still are for that matter.) But Matt talked a little bit about it on his Facebook profile:

Matt: Honestly I’m gonna address this bullsh!t at a later date. Broken neck, broken back, 80 stitches. I’m A ok though got my family by my side that’s all that matter.

Friend: wtf happened?

Matt: Fell of a mountain homie. Lmfao XD

Friend: damn dude lol woulda been way cooler if it was a bridge spot lmao

Matt: Haha I WAS BOMBING THOUGH! Yes it Def would be so much doper.

At some point, Lekota reportedly mentioned something about looking forward to having Matt’s children, which of course sparked pregnancy rumors. Alex Sekella was asked repeatedly on Twitter about the rumors, but she was diplomatic and simply referred fans to Lekota’s Twitter page. (Apparently Alex and Lekota have never met and it appears both of them would prefer to keep it that way.)

Teen Mom 3 Alex Sekella's ex Matt McCannwith girlfriend Lekota Koch

So do Matt and Lakota get to spend any time taking care of Arabella? Not at all. Alex insists Arabella has never met Lekota, and since taking away Matt’s parental rights, it appears as though that isn’t going to change any time soon. (It should be noted that Alex is still close with Matt’s mother and grandmother and Arabella sees them both relatively often.)

And speaking of Matt losing his parental rights to Arabella, that may have been what set off this angry rant that he appears to have posted on Lekota’s Facebook profile. (She commented on the rant with “~Mattt. Because i’m to lazy to log off.”)

It’s gonna be a long day, but really what did you expect when you come f***ing with the only family I have. It’s just her and I, truly. We are all we really have, and you are purposely going to try to throw a wrench in it. Wrong. “I am a punishment of god, and if you had not committed such great sins god would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.”-Genghis Khan. I’m docile, I’m mellow. I don’t f*** with you if you just leave me alone, but when it comes to the only person I love it’s different. You know who you are, and i’ve been patiently waiting, biding my time until you slipped up and gave me the chance to remove you from my life permanently.All the words, the verbal proges every single malicious thing you ever said to tear me down or make me look bad is coming to you tenfold.I’ve always asked why I haven’t taken action to defend myself. The answer: Good things come to those who wait. The pen is mightier than the sword, and i’m about to show you why you should never interfere with people who have no interaction with you nor want any. I never wish harm on anyone just that they get what they deserve, and neither her nor I deserve any of this, but you, you might just deserve what is coming. On a brighter note, baby I love you so much, i’m glad it’s all finally falling into place for us.

Oh boy, though he doesn’t mention Alex by name, if that’s who he is referring to it sounds as though Alex might be in for a bit of legal drama!

And speaking of drama, since Matt seems to be out of the picture as far as Alex and Arabella goes, does that means fans won’t get to see him on Teen Mom 3? Not at all. Alex says he will be featured on the show, though it’s unclear just how much. (Most of the behind-the-scenes talk about the soon-to-be-released Teen Mom 3 trailer is that it reveals A LOT of baby daddy drama, and I would guess that Matt is part of that.)


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