PHOTOS Octomom plays Angelina Jolie dress up


Womb Raider meets Tomb Raider!

In a serious blast of randomness, Octomom “modeled” for In Touch in an Angelina Jolie-impersonating photo shoot. The mother of 14 (can’t we start calling her Quattuordecmom), took on the recently famous Jolie legging red carpet pose and the cross-armed vintage Tomb Raider look.

While doing so Nadya Suleman talked about how much she venerates the famous actress, “I admire her. She saves children’s lives.”

Apparently she gets compared to Jolie, which I don’t understand and neither does she:

“I get that we both have a lot of kids, but I don’t think I look anything like her.”

While Jolie hasn’t quite kept pace with Octomom on the babies front, she does have that whole successful career and Brad Pitt for a hubby thing going for her.

“The Leg”


“Tomb Raider”

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