Wendy’s denies hidden message in new logo, what do you think?


In March Wendy’s rolled out its first new logo in over 29 years. What folks paid the most attention to at the time was the absence of most of the identifiable striped, puffy-sleeved shirt. But recently food bloggers have been focusing their attention on the girl’s collar and the alleged hidden message contained within.

The word “mom” seems to pop out at you if you’re paying attention but the fast food giant has told Business Insider that the graphic design is a pure coincidence.

“We are aware of this and find it interesting that it appears our Wendy cameo has ‘mom’ on her ruffled collar. We can assure you it was unintentional.”

Hmmmmmm. Here is another look with the old logo beside the new logo:


Logo blogging site Stocklogos wrote, “Most people have a sentimental attachment to at least a few of the dishes their mother’s used to make. It should not be a surprise to see the fast food restaurant Wendy’s associating their refreshed brand with mom’s cooking.”

What do you think? Is the word “mom” in the new logo just a happenstance or a clever subliminal advertising ploy to associate the brand with moms?

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