Website accused of recruiting homeless to sustain beatings on video

Website accused of taking advantage of homeless men

Talk about beating a man when he’s down!

Fetish website has had a lawsuit filed against it that alleges the site would pay, and take advantage of, homeless men to endure videotaped beatings at the hands of attractive women with the intent to sell these videos later.  Some of these tapes go for as much as $900 a pop (forgive the pun) so I’m guessing there’s a sure fire market for this type of “entertainment.”

In a report filed by The Miami Herald they were able to talk to one of these men on the wrong side of this fetish.  According to 37-year-old George Grayson he was approached by a recruiter who offered him $50 to submit to a 12 minute pummeling at the hands of a lovely lady.  Seemed like a win win for Grayson so he followed said recruiters to a townhouse in St. Petersburg, FL. on a number of occasions to get his butt kicked for cash.

Jeff Williams of Shefights plans to counter sue claiming that the men who are testifying, including Greyson, were coerced by their attorneys to claim that they were desperate and misled.  He also states that the men signed liability releases and knew what they were doing.  Wiiliams said:

“These men are crack addicts and will say anything for money.”

Greyson and the other plaintiff in the case, 20-year-old Kyle Shaw, both have extensive criminal pasts while the defendant Williams has no record.  Greyson and Shaw claim that they were offered $25 to be whipped and $50 to endure the 12 minute beat down.  They added that if they fought back or quit before the 12 minute time frame they would not be paid.

I say let the men fight back, get a cable network to run with this and let the man with the golden voice, Ted Williams, play the part of famed announcer Michael Buffer!

And yes this Floridian is well aware of the fact that this story, of course, comes from The Sunshine State.