Watch Online MTV’s “Teen Mom” complete episode 2 “How Many Chances?”

Teen Mom teen dad Tyler

The teenage mama drama continues as Maci deals with her absentee baby daddy Ryan, Amber deals with an avalanche of bad news, Farrah continues her efforts on the dating scene with a new beau and Catelynne starts to feel a little distant from Carly.

**Episode will return Friday, January 15th.**

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It appears MTV will be doing the “video available for a while then not available for a while” thing all season, so we will try to post them as soon as they’re up and add clips to watch during the episode “blackouts.” Here are some bonus clips from Teen Mom episode 2 “How Many Chances?”

To Feel Included
Catelynn and Tyler talk about wanting to know Brandon and Theresa’s last name:

Wedding Locations
Maci looks at possible locations for her and Ryan’s wedding:

Not Giving Up
Amber’s dad watches baby Leah, so Amber can take her GED placement test:

Here are links to the other episodes, but note that MTV can be pretty sporadic about putting up videos and taking them down:

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