Waitress Dayna Morales suspended after anti-gay tip hoax


Dayna Morales has been suspended from her waitress job at Gallop Asian Bistro restaurant in Bridgewater, N.J. after what appears to be a massive hoax. Morales, a former Marine, riled up millions when she posted a receipt on Facebook from a couple who she says refused to tip her because she was gay. The only problem? The couple in question has their own proof to dispute her claim.

They came forward shortly after the story went national with their Customer Copy receipt, which really doesn’t prove very much because you can write anything you want on that copy. The kicker was they also brought their credit card statement, which showed a charge that included a tip.

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The wife says that the handwriting on the receipt Morales presented is not hers, and the husband pointed out that he feels so strongly about gay marriage that he did not vote for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie because he does not support gay marriage.

Gallop Asian Bistro initially stood behind Morales, but has now suspended her from work pending an investigation. “Ms. Morales is currently not on our employee schedule while we are still working to complete our investigation,” they wrote on their Facebook page.

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