PHOTOS Jessie J redefines “spacesuit” in a purple cosmos body suit

Jessie J wearing a sexy purple cosmic bodysuit

Only being able to use one leg hasn’t cramped the flamboyant style of singer Jessie J! The hobbled fashion basher was photographed Tuesday night after a performance at Sketch nightclub in London still wearing her purple and black cosmos body suit, complete with matching purple hair and her now infamous cast. She would later attend Jason Derulo’s launch party for his new album Future History at Merah still sporting her interstellar attire.

The “Price Tag” singer wowed as the lead singer for the house band at the MTV Video Music Awards last month, but was crushed to find out soon after that her broken foot had not healed enough to allow her to perform as part of Katy Perry’s California Dreams tour as scheduled. (It was later announced that fellow Brit singer Ellie Goulding would be replacing Jessie J on the tour.) The crestfallen singer took to Twitter to express her heartbreak:

Having a cry about having to pull out of the @katyperry tour. I am as upset as my #heartbeats believe me. My foot is just not healing as well as I hoped. 🙁

You have to hate it for Jessie J. She was just about to get her chance to break out and then breaks her foot while rehearsing for London’s Summertime Ball. But enough about all this Debbie Downer nonsense! Jessie J seems to be handling it pretty well, so why shouldn’t we? Let’s get back to that “spacesuit” shall we?

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by space, especially celestial maps and photographs. And, ever since I was about 13 I’ve been fascinated by damn sexy women. So, add those two things together and I have no other option but to LOVE THIS LOOK! I have a newfound understanding of Casey Kasem’s catchphrase “Keep reaching for the stars!” What guy wouldn’t want to go exploring that final frontier? I’d be flying my rocket all around those celestial orbs! (I will refrain from all the obviously vulgar innuendos involving black holes, Uranus and the Crab Nebula.)

Speaking of the seventh planet from the sun, I’m a much bigger fan of this look coming than I am going. Even with my astronomy fetish I can’t say that Jessie J’s spacesuit does very much for her Carl Sagandonk:

back view of Jessie J's purple space bodysuit

I’m willing to chalk this one up to a poor fit. And it doesn’t even come close from canceling out the good frontal vibes this suit is giving off! Can you say “GalI’dLikeToLayo?” (Another sad thing about this photo? Did anyone else notice that David Schwimmer has been reduced to working the door at a London nightclub?)

Love ya Jessie J! Get that foot healed and get back to your superstar trek!

While we wait for Jessie to get better, let’s all take a last loooooooong look at that spacesuit shall we?

Jessie J in a purple body suit with stars

Photos: Gotcha Images / Splash News
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