Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino in a legal “situation” with clothing company Dilligaf

Jersey Shore's The Situation Mike Sorrentino sued over clothing line by Dilligaf

The cast of Jersey Shore wrapped up filming for Season 5 in Seaside Heights this week (see photos HERE), which must have come as a huge relief to most of the eight guys and gals who have been essentially sequestered without internet, cell phones and family for close to ten weeks. But one cast member had a rather unpleasant surprise waiting for him on the “outside” – a lawsuit!

Dilligaf, USA, Inc. is alleging that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino entered into an exclusive clothing deal with them and then failed to honor his end of the bargain by not showing up for marketing events and signing similar agreements with other clothing companies. (I guess you could call this a “stitchuation?”) Dilligaf is suing The Sitch and his company, MPS Entertainment, LLC, for in excess of $15,000.

In a bit of irony, Sorrentino was able to use the company’s acronym name against them when reporters asked him about the lawsuit. (Can you guess what DILLIGAF stands for?) Mike’s response: “Does it look like I give a f***?” Well played, Sitch. Well played indeed!

Here are the details from the court documents obtained by Radar Online:

Dilligaf is in the business of creating, designing and manufacturing fashion clothing and fashion accessories for men and women that are sold in retail stores as well as on the internet.

Sorrentino is a cast member of a Reality Television Production called “The Jersey Shore”. Since appearing on the show, Sorrentino has used his notoriety and celebrity status to endorse and promote commercial products.

After several discussions and meetings with Dilligaf and having seen and approved his existing product line, Sorrentino represented that he would make all efforts to promote “joint products” that are to be manufactured and produced by Dilligaf in collaboration with Sorrentino.

Sorrentino represented to Dilligaf that he has Trademarked the name “Situation” and that he will permit Dilligaf to use his trademark to promote and market the joint product line.

Relying on these representations, the parties (Dilligaf, MPS and Sorrentino) entered into a “Joint Marketing and Sales Agreement” on May 19, 2010 and “addendum” dated July 14, 2010 (Collectively referred hereto as “agreement”). The “agreement” is attached hereto as Exhibit A. The terms of the agreement required Sorrentino and MPS to promote the Joint Products manufactured and produced by Dilligaf. The agreement also precludes Sorrentino and MPS from entering into marketing and promotional agreements with others who sell similar products.

The agreement is and was in full force and effect at all material times and will not terminate until May 19, 2012.

MPS and Sorrentino have materially breached the Joint Marketing and Sales Agreement by:

A. failing to wear the Joint Products in an effort to promote the Joint Product Line of the parties;

B. failing to appear at photo shoots and promote the joint products after Dilligaf incurred and paid all expense to set up a booth at a convention in Las Vegas, Nevada;

C. promoting products of Doctrine and others that are selling similar merchandise as Dilligaf;

D. failing to promote the Joint Products in TV shows or other entertainment event that Sorrentino is involved with;

E. entering into a contract or agreement with other competing businesses (whose names will be learned during discovery) in violation of the agreement and for purposes of promoting and selling substantially similar products.

As a direct and proximate result of their breach of contract, Dilligaf has been damaged. It has incurred costs in the manufacture and promotion of the joint products and seeks recovery of all lost profit attributed to the failure of Sorrentino and MPS to promote the joint product and promoting competing business products.

Wherefore, Plaintiff, Dilligaf, USA, Inc., seeks entry of a judgment for damages and lost profits in excess of $15,000.00 plus interest, costs and attorney’s fees pursuant to paragraph 11(L) against Defendants, MPS Entertainment, LLC., and Michael Sorrentino.

The lawsuit is the latest in a long string of legal issues for Sorrentino, who was sued for $1 million by a former manager in July, and filed a suit against his dad, Frank Sorrentino, after he created a website to discredit his son.

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