VIDEOS Teen Mom 2 S2 E8 After Show and bonus footage break down: Corey wants to be a coal miner?

It’s Wednesday, world which means starcasm is collectively recovering from another night of Teen Mom 2 tweeting. It was fun as always but now it’s time to mop the floors and toss out the margarita mixer bottles as I break down the After Show and bonus footage. There’s almost always a good nugget or two from the After Show as the moms reflect on last evening’s episode.

This week we have Jenelle coming to grips with the fact that she might have a problem with the weed, Leah explains that Corey isn’t a good communicator and that vague geneticists are frustrating, Chelsea dives further into the depths of her Adam despair and Kailyn explains what Joe’s problem is with the child support situation.


Leah explains that Corey’s idea to be a coal miner was his alone and she was surprised by his announcement. She explains that they didn’t make major decisions together and that Corey’s not a good communicator. The random geneticist letter that was patently unclear of course caused her serious anxiety. Leah wanted a yes or no. Leah wonders, “Why would you say everything is fine and then say well whoops Ali might have a problem?” That’s what I was wondering too.

As a parent I get it all the way. Doctors can be frustrating for everyone, but when it comes to your child and you get vague info that can drive you insane.


Evans starts to think she might have a problem with the weed. She wonders if she’s got a chemical imbalance because of her need to self medicate. As far as the Delp cycle (this episode the Facebook “I’m lost” message) Evans explains that she’s started being self aware of how it’s the same old let down and she handles it better. Then all the moms including the ones in the audience wonder what is up with guys and Facebook.


So Chelsea and Adam get into an argument… Like last week, we need some mood music for Chelsea’s Adam addiction:

So does Chelsea expect Adam to be someone he isn’t? Chelsea says that she’s never sure which Adam will show up. The host points out that the common theme here is that Adam always lets her down. Then Chelsea reveals that one of her concerns about Adam’s aloofness towards her may be because he thinks she’s fat or not attractive. She references a comment Adam made about her weight from their 16 & Pregnant episode.

It just gets worse from here as we have Chelsea trying to explain once again how she’s caught up in Adam’s trap. She doesn’t think she’s hard on him. She feels like she just expects the norm from what a boyfriend aught to represent. Then Chelsea makes a really heartbreaking statement about her situation with Adam:

“I want to help him. I want him to love me enough that he does that stuff.”


Kailyn explains that she seeks out her friend Mark for the guy perspective in regards to Joe and all that and adds that her state (Pennsylvania) is unfair in regards to how they determine child support. Kailyn had it in her head that Joe would be paying $200 but it turned out to be $500. Kailyn reveals that she told Joe she would be fine handling it outside of the courts if he would just give her 50 bucks a week. Should’ve ran with that Joe!

Kailyn adds that what Joe is opposed to and why he’s challenging the child support requirement is that he said she and Isaac don’t need that much money. She did conclude her portion by stating that Joe better understands the concept of child support and is more supportive now.

In this week’s bonus footage we have an always welcome return of our #1 Teen Mom inanimate object, Corey Simms’ worn West Virginia ball cap (which has its own song). Under this hat is Corey discussing the ins and outs of fossil fuel with Leah. Corey explains that he saw a piece of coal that looked like a dinosaur tail and then he reveals that until that moment he didn’t believe in dinosaurs.

Have a good week y’all!