VIDEOS Runaway unmanned cart injures crowd at Cowboy Stadium

Following a high school game played at Dallas Stadium, a runaway unmanned cart veered from the end zone to midfield and plowed over a number of unsuspecting people.

This group consisted mostly of reporters who were interviewing Spring Dekaney coach Willie Amendola near midfield after Amendola’s team won the Texas Class 5A Division II football championship over Cibolo Steele, 34-14. One man, Undre Smith, ends up on the cart and carried for a few seconds until he bails off spinning on the turf.

Smith told ESPN:

“As I was standing there interviewing him, at the last two seconds I could see something white behind him, but I wasn’t sure what it was and it was too late to get out of the way,” Smith said by phone Monday. “It bowled over us. When it hit us, Amendola landed on the inside of the vehicle and I was the last guy on top of it and was riding for a few seconds. I hit the ground and it ran over me again and pushed me out of the way.”

He was carted off the field after being knocked out by the fall. The 46-year-old is still experiencing pain in his left knee, right lower thigh and the right side of his neck. How much you wanna bet that Smith has lawyered up? He added the following, “It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever encountered. It made me angry later. How could this happen at the end of the football game on the field?”

Here’s a video report filed by ESPN that shows the full path of the cart.

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