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Yolanda Foster in Nederlandse Hollywood Vrouwen or Dutch Hollywood Women

Yolanda Foster is the newest addition to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and will make her debut on the third season of the franchise this fall alongside Lisa, Adrienne, Brandi, Kim, Kyle, and Taylor. But, not only is Yolanda not new to the group (she is the ex-wife of Lisa’s BFF Mohammed), she is no stranger to reality television either — and neither is her husband!

Yolanda recently starred in a reality series broadcast on Net5 in the Netherlands titled Nederlandse Hollywood Vrouwen, which is Dutch Hollywood Women in English. (You can see the graphic for the show above, which features a good deal of Photoshopping — including the addition of Windmills beside the famous Hollywood sign!) Dutch Hollywood Women premiered last year and ran for two seasons.

Yolanda Foster in Dutch Hollywood Women

Her Dutch Hollywood Women bio (run through an online translator):

Yolanda is a model come to America and now lives with her fiance, the famous record producer David Foster, and her three children in a beautiful villa in Malibu. This is fully equipped including a walk-in fridge. Yolanda: “When I was building this house and lay in bed one night, I thought: I’ll take two refrigerators? Eventually, I started drawing and large walk-in fridge that came out: nowadays the most important thing in the kitchen where everyone wants to look ‘. Yolanda is a glamourous housewife and thanks to the social agenda of her famous husband, Yolanda travels by private jet to many celebrity parties.

Yolanda is very busy with preparations for her impending marriage to her wealthy producer David Foster. He has asked her to marry him and the celebration on a beautiful private estate. Yolanda wants everything to perfection and have regular contact, because it is a real marriage with guest stars like Oprah, Heidi Klum and Barbra Streisand among others, performances by Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli and Donna Summer.

It appears that for much of the show Yolanda speaks English with Dutch subtitles, so in the clips from the show you can get a fairly good idea what to expect when she hits your small screen on RHOBH Season 3. Here are some sample clips that not only feature Yolanda, but also her family.

Yolanda preps for her wedding to David Foster:

Yolanda takes her daughter Bella Hadid shopping for the perfect dress for her wedding :

Before realizing her true talent was just being herself (as a model and as a reality star), Yolanda took a crack at being an actress. Back in 1991, Yolanda appeared in an episode of the popular HBO series 1st & Ten: The Championship. The appearance didn’t turn out to be the big break Yolanda was surely hoping for, and she hasn’t appeared in anything since. Who knows though, maybe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will be her big break that gets her back into acting. Look at what’s happened to Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s NeNe Leakes!

Princes of Malibu

Yolanda’s husband, David Foster, has also been featured on a reality show — Princes of Malibu. The show featured David’s step-sons with his then-wife Linda Thompson, Brandon and Brody Jenner, and also Brant Pinvidic and Spencer Pratt. Ironically, Linda is a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills regular and appeared on several episodes last season including the infamous Malibu Beach Party episode.

Yolanda is sure to have her hands full with both her ex-husband and her current husband’s ex-wife both on her new show. Judging by all of her ties to the show, this is clearly a very calculated move by Bravo. If this girl doesn’t bring the drama, who will?

The ladies of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will return for season 3 with Yolanda Hadid this fall. Here’s a sneak peek at Yolanda and the ladies:

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