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Amy Duggar - A Duggar Leaves Home

Riding the 19 Kids and Counting‘s record-setting season out a little bit longer, TLC’s airing A Duggar Goes to Nashville tonight. The two-hour special follows aspiring musician Amy Duggar as she attempts to make it big in Nashville. So, have her music dreams come true?

Amy actually began pursuing a music career right out of high school. She released her self-titled debut album, Amy Jordyn, in 2006.

Amy Jordyn Debut Album

The album wasn’t what most would call a success, but Amy kept at it with regional gigs. Somewhere along the line, she also began going by “Amy Duggar,” rather than her birth name, Amy Jordan. (I believe the spelling of “Jordan” was modernized for her album.) She’s since received of criticism for allegedly making the name change to capitalize on her maternal family’s fame, but she recently denied that in an impassioned tweet.

Whatever the case may be, she hasn’t shied away from appearing on 19 Kids and Counting. This is her performing in Missouri in 2012…

Despite spending a lot of time in Nashville before, Amy recently committed to a longer stay — which is documented in tonight’s TLC special. She also began working with producer Jamie Slocum, who had a No. 1 hit on American Christian radio with 2009’s Dependence.

“I met Amy Duggar about a year and a half ago. Saw some talent there… She has the tenacity to stick with it,” Jamie said in a preview of tonight’s special. “I would say tenacity is probably the biggest key.”

She added, “I want this. I want to sing and I want to make music… I want people to recognize it and not blow it off like, ‘Oh, another singer.'”

According to The Tennessean, Amy ended up recording a few tracks in a private Nashville studio, but is now back in Northwest Arkansas “waiting to see what future opportunities the special brings.”

A Duggar Leaves Home, featuring Amy Duggar, premieres on TLC tonight at 9/8c.

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