VIDEOS Big Brother 15’s Candice Stewart on Oprah show ‘Searching For…’

Big Brother 15 Candice Stewart on Oprah show Searching For...

Yesterday CBS revealed the 16 cast members who will be living together in the Big Brother 15 house, at least one of which is no stranger to having her personal life broadcast to millions on the small screen. Candice Stewart (who was the first African American woman to win Miss Louisiana) was featured on the Oprah Winfrey documentary series Searching For… with Pam Slaton in February of 2011. On the episode, 26-year-old adoptee Candice meetes her birth mother for the first time.

Here’s the very emotional clip of Candice showing her mom a scrapbook filled with childhood photos:

Candice Stewart also did a follow-up interview in which she updated viewers on the status of her relationship with her birth mother Tracy since filming stopped.

Candice reveals that she and her birth mom continue bonding and that she now knows who her biological father is too! Candice says that he is in the military and “away in Kuwait right now,” then adds that he seems to be a very funny man and that she has a “lot of siblings.”

Be sure to catch Candice Stewart when Big Brother 15 premieres on CBS Wednesday, June 26 at 8/7c!

Big Brother 15 Candice Stewart Miss Louisiana

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