VIDEOS The Bachelor’s Megan thinks New Mexico is a foreign country, dances in sombrero, etc.

The Bachelor Megan Bell New Mexico sombrero

On this week’s episode of The Bachelor Chris Soules took a group of ladies to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a group date adventure. 24-year-old makeup artist Megan Bell from Nashville was particularly thrilled as she debated on which bikini to bring along to the “beach resort place” before telling viewers, “I’m so excited! I’ve never been out of the country. It’s gonna be awesome.” Things only got worse when she donned a sombrero and further explained all she knew about New Mexico while taking a short break to do the Macarena.

We will start off with The Bachelor “Santa Fe” episode preview clip, in which Megan’s packing sequence takes up most of the middle portion:

Megan’s shining moment, however, came during the episode’s closing credits. Anything I might say to try to prepare you would just be wasted, so I will be quiet and let Megan work her magic:

The sombrero: the craziest hat I have ever put on my head. [does the Macarena] It makes me feel like I am a resident in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I’ve never figured out why they call it New Mexico instead of Old Mexico. I think they’re already in the Mexico, so they’re, like, ‘OK, since it’s -” Well, I think Mexico was first, and then the United States came.

Now I just need to learn, like, a New Mexico song, or a Mexican song. [pause] Hi-yigh-yigh-yigh… [laughs]

The Bachelor producers didn’t come out of the “Santa Fe” episode looking too bright either, as they misspelled the city as “Sante Fe” at one point. ABC affiliate KOAT in Albuquerque pointed out the error, and Megan’s geographical prowess, in a post in which they revealed that the state of New Mexico and the city of Santa Fe paid $50,000 each to have the show filmed there.

“I was disappointed to say the least,” Santa Fe City Councilor Randy Trujillo said after seeing the episode. “Santa Fe doesn’t need help getting onto the national scene. I think everybody knows — except girls from The Bachelor — where Santa Fe is, knows where New Mexico is.”

Santa Fe’s director of tourism had a different take. “The exposure of Santa Fe was outstanding,” Randy Randall said. “I was delighted.” And what about that misspelling? “I’ve always said I’d rather have my name mentioned than spelled right. So it’s too bad, but I don’t think it makes too much of a difference.”

I think Bob Dylan said it best in my favorite song about La Villa Real de la Santa Fe de San Francisco de Asís:

Santa Fe, dear, dear, dear, dear, dear Santa Fe
My sister looks good at home
She’s lickin’ on an ice cream cone
She’s packin’ her big white comb
What does it weigh?


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