The Bachelor’s Elise Mosca says nudity goes against her ‘strong beliefs’ — but appeared in Yule Log Hotties

Juan Pablo - Elise Mosca

Elise Mosca was eliminated from The Bachelor by Juan Pablo Galavis shortly after refusing to pose nude at a charity photo shoot. As Reality Steve noted earlier this month, that’s pretty darn hilarious, considering Elise stripped to her underwear for Yule Log Hotties, a racy video from 2005.

The complete Yule Log Hotties video is 65 minutes and features 12 wannabe actresses. Elise only popped up in the last 13 minutes — which Reality Steve generously segmented. (It’s scandalous, but doesn’t include nudity or sex acts.)

As Reality Steve noted, Elise didn’t attempt to sweep this under the rug: She provided a link to it in her online acting resume, which only went defunct after Steve’s report.

Still, the first-grade teacher from Pennsylvania maintained during a new interview with People that nudity goes against her morals. (To be fair, she doesn’t strip bare in the video.)

“I definitely stand by my strong beliefs and morals,” she said about declining to pose nude. “I am who I am.”

Elisa Mosca - Bikini

Unfortunately, whereas refusing to go nude on The Bachelor may have cost her a relationship with Juan Pablo, her appearance in the risqué Yule Log Hotties video may cost Elise a teaching career: After the video was publicized, the superintendent from the district that employs Elise said they were investigating the video and found it concerning. The local newspaper said the district can fire teachers on the grounds of immorality. (Elise initially took a leave of absence in September and recently had it extended through the spring semester.)

Cousin Glenda Toole told the Citizens Voice that talk of Elise losing her teaching position was ridiculous.

“There was not anything wrong in that video. It’s not even porn… She is just trying to live,” Glenda said of her cousin’s video, adding she believed Elise wanted to return to teaching.

However, this may turn out to be a nonissue: Other sources report Elise is fervently pursuing an acting career in Hollywood — and doesn’t plan on returning to Pennsylvania any time soon.

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