PHOTOS Mary Louise Parker in drag? Still hot!

Mary Louise Parker sports a manly look

Mary Louise Parker got in touch with her masculine side Sunday night, donning some 1970s daddy glasses as well as a suit and tie to attend the 7th annual Best In Drag Show held at The Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.

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Mary Louise Parker portraitMary Louise Parker as a man

Mary Louise ParkerMary Louise Parker in a suit and tie

Photos: Revolutionpix/Fame Pictures

I’m as hum-drum a straight guy as you’d ever wanna meet, but I’d get in touch with Mary Louise Parker’s masculine side anytime! Or, as the internet would say:


Mary Louise Parker is a hot dude, but she’s a much hotter lingerie spider! Just in case you missed it, here’s the sexy ad for Season 5 of Weeds:

Weeds Mary Louise Parker

Dark green satiny intimate apparel rocks!

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