VIDEO Vuvuzela Hero, the worst game ever?

By now just about everyone across the globe is familiar with that impossibly annoying droning horn noise that drowns out all sounds at the World Cup.  It is the calling card of South African irritation, the Vuvuzela.  So what do you get when you mix the vuv-a-what’s-its-name and the mega popular Guitar Hero franchise?


That’s right, this is simultaneously the easiest and least likely video game to ever be played.  And this would also qualify as the best revenge gift to get back at your aggravating over-intellectualized brother-in-law who has two ill-mannered teen boys and argues the value and merit of the Vuvuzela as a symbol of cultural independence. 

Just ten minutes of Vuvuzela Hero would have that beard sporting, Baby Bjorn using, Manilow listening in-law putting down his chardonnay and picking up a Bud right before he yanks the PS478 chord right out of the freaking wall.

Take that, mister “I think it was such a wonderful idea to skip the football this Sunday and catch this delightful, local, teen-troupe’s version of Hamlet.”