Who is Raven-Symone dating?

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Raven-Symone addressed her sexuality and her relationship tonight on Oprah’s Where Are They Now?
She says she’s very happy with her partner, but doesn’t want to be labeled as “gay” or “lesbian” even though she’s in a same-sex relationship.

Last year she tweeted “I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you.” She says she likes to keep her personal life very private, because her parents taught her it was best.
Still, Raven, who is a newly enrolled art student, has been dating model AzMarie Livingston (her real name is Ashley Marie.). She didn’t mention AzMarie’s name on Oprah, but the show did flash photos of Raven and AzMarie together.

Raven revealed that she was attracted to both sexes since puberty, and doesn’t like putting a label on her attraction, or who she is. She also said she was proud to be approaching 30 without a criminal record, a major feat for a former child star. “And what I’ve learned? It’s unnecessary to go to the world’s most popular restaurant when you have a scandal on your head and then get mad when someone is going to take a picture of you,” she explained. “That’s your fault, boo boo. Stay in the house.”

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