Frances Bean Cobain engaged to Kurt Cobain lookalike, rocker Isaiah Silva

OC Weekly suspected as much a few days ago (from a little Facebook sleuthing), and it’s now been confirmed to People that Frances Bean Cobain is engaged to The Rambles front-man Isaiah Silva (who also bears a striking resemblance to her deceased father Kurt Cobain.) The above photo is the pair looking hipster-adorable this April. Obviously Frances has good taste in boys AND cold drinks. I’ll take one of both.

19-year-old Frances, who is currently estranged from her mother Courtney Love after seeking emancipation when she was 17, now is deeply involved in the L.A. art scene, and modeled for some steamy-yet-tasteful photos this summer. She recently purchased a $1.8 million home for herself.

The couple, who have reportedly been dating for over a year, changed their Facebook status to “engaged” a few weeks ago. Frances even wrote on Facebook: “Getting to spend the rest of my life loving my best friend makes me the luckiest woman in the world.” This wasn’t exactly an easy thing to catch (the statuses have since been changed) because they Facebook under assumed names (Frances Rachel Leigh Cook for her, Isaiah David Berkowitz-Cusack for him.)

Here’s a video of Isaiah Silva performing an acoustic song. Silva definitely looks like Kurt here, which means he also looks hot enough to lick off the dirty pavement.

And, a plugged video of The Rambles where you can’t really see how hot Silva is:

Here’s another photo (courtesy of The Rambles’ Facebook page) of Isaiah Kurting it up:

For those of you who’ll say “eww and ick and sick” at Silva’s resemblance to her dad: #1, that sort of thing happens a lot, and #2 at least there have been no stories and/or photos of Frances Bean being strung out and partying herself into the grave. She seems happy and in control of her life.


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