VIDEO – Manzos’ The Brownstone reviewed: Is is a good place to host your event?

The Brownstone is the 5th (used to be 6th) main character on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Owned and operated by the Manzo brothers, The Brownstone is spoken about with reverence by Albie’s wife Caroline every chance she gets on camera, and almost every event featured on the show takes place there, even when it just involves outcast Danielle.

But let’s forget about TV-land for a second, is The Brownstone actually a good place to host your wedding, bar mitzvah, or other celebration? Will you get top-notch service and food, or will you walk away disappointment?

Thankfully there are some online reviews dating back several years, before The Brownstone scored a starring role in a television show, that paint a better picture about what it’s like to host our event at The Brownstone.

There’s a mix of both really good and really bad, for an average rating of about 3 stars on Yahoo. Here’s some highlightsfrom Yahoo:

October 30, 2006: Rude, Late, and all around Unprofessional: The is the worst of the worst catering hall, if you like to have your DJ, Florist and decorator in the room after you and your guests arrive at your wedding then book them!!

November 3, 2006: Great food: I have been to a few weddings here. The food is excellent. Everything is delicious and I’ve heard prices are reasonable. Also the place beautiful, especially the huge glass gazebo.

July 11, 2007: First off the place is a complete diamond in the rough of Paterson NJ, one of the main reasons why its so reasonable. I have never dealt with a more accomadating staff for the setup of my own wedding and have heard nothing but praises for their entire wedding process from numerous other people who have been married here.

September 13, 2008: The food is ordinary, the decor is nice enough. But what makes the place stand out is the service. IT’S AWFUL, starting with the parking attendants.

Here’s a YouTube Video to help you get a better picture of the accommodations: