VIDEO Taylor Swift mistakenly thought she won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year

Taylor Swift Album of the Year

You know those nominee shots during award shows? The ones where a presenter is about the announce the winner of a major category and cameras focus on the candidates to get their reactions. Then, when the winner’s name is called, those who lost have to feign excitement.

These scenes are always awkward, but Taylor Swift (accidentally) took it to the next level during the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

Here’s what happened: Alicia Keys was declaring Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories the Album of the Year. But, for a split second, Taylor Swift thought Alicia was announcing her album, Red.

In Taylor’s defense, it was an absolutely understandable mistake. Raaaandom and Reeeeed sound pretty darn similar, especially to someone who’s already on edge. Plus, everyone around Taylor reacted the same way.

Besides, it could have been worse…

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