Scarlett Johansson seductively sips SodaStream from straw for sexy Super Bowl spot


Rumor has it that the NFL has a game this Sunday, which of course means the all-important Super Bowl commercials!

We all used to have wait to see the advertisements from companies that fork over the big bucks but now they’re releasing them , or versions of them, early. In the following spot from SodaStream, actress Scarlett Johansson pitches for the company by sipping their product as seductively as she can.

Scarlett says, “Like most actors, my real job is saving the world,” as she dons a shower robe. She pines, “If only I could make this message go viral,” as she loses the robe to reveal a slim black dress as she enjoys her beverage in slow-motion.

Scarlett told People:

“I have been pushing SodaStream to my family for years. I buy it for my friends as housewarming gifts and I have it everywhere I go. When I film I have it in my trailer and they outfit the whole craft service table with it. I have it everywhere just because I love it so much.”

The Her star is the official Global Brand Ambassador for the company.

If the weather is cold for this year’s New Jersey locale, at least Scarlett will help heat things up. Sorry, Coke and Pepsi 😉


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