VIDEO: Star Wars Uncut Trailer, Star Wars: A New Hope re-created in 15 second clips

In one of the most ambitious and wonderfully creative projects we have seen on these here internets the folks over at Star Wars Uncut have gathered nearly all the footage for their in progress re-creation of Star Wars: A New Hope and have released a trailer to flex their Jedi prowess.

Their idea?  To recreate the entire Star Wars: A New Hope in 15 second clips as submitted by anyone willing to take the time and effort to do it.  Submitters were given the freedom to recreate scenes in anyway they deemed fit barring explicit material and music (for copyright reasons) .  Legions of people submitted their clips to this tiny little rebellion.  As a matter of fact most scenes have multiple completed submissions.  The end result should be a masterpiece.

Here is the trailer, you don’t know the power of the darkside!

Incredible stuff there.  Please be warned that if you head over to the site be prepared to lose a few hours of your life as they have painstakingly cataloged each re-created clip along with the original scene from the movie.  Just for an example here is a cut from when Han Solo is talking it up with Jabba the Hutt:

Star Wars Uncut – Scene 206 – from Lucas Hardi.

This amazing idea got me thinking.  What other movies would I like to see get this treatment?  A short list would include Pulp Fiction, Road House, The Big Lebowski and Office Space.  What movie / movies would you love to see re-created like this?  We already know you like our “Jersey Shore” Star Wars Trading Cards.