REPORT Shia LaBeouf tells man “I can get you killed” after making girlfriend cry


The man who brought us such classics as “Shia LaBeouf kicked in the balls in London for filming women throwing up in the street,” “Shia LaBeouf is a fan of motorcycles and/or creepily staring at people,” “Shia LaBeouf beaten up by chubby hairy shirtless dude on streets of Vancouver,” and “Shia LaBeouf throws hot coffee on photographer,” is now said to have went all Lohans vs. the Hiltons on a fellow patron at a chic London restaurant/bar.

According to a report from The Sun, The Transformers star, who’s been filming the World War II piece Fury with Brad Pitt, was approached by a female fan while hanging at an establishment within Covent Garden. This woman left the actor’s table in tears and when her boyfriend approached to confront LaBeouf, the situation is said to have escalated into a “tussle.”

A witness told The Sun, “Shia went for this guy after he upset his girlfriend. It was shocking. He looked out of control.” In his pursuit of the angered boyfriend Shia was said to have told the man, “I can get you killed.”

The report added that LaBeouf was eventually removed from the establishment by a group of waiters and onlookers.

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