VIDEO Sheree Whitfield fined because Chateau Sheree didn’t have certificate of occupancy

Sheree Whitfield Jeopardy Who Gon Check Me Boo?

It appears as though Sheree Whitfield’s Chateau Shereebration may have been a bit premature because The Real Housewives of Atlanta star was just fined $1,000 for not having a certificate of occupancy or the proper permits required to film her big housewarming party in October.

Sheree was in Sandy Springs court earlier today where she reportedly accepted the $1,000 fine as part of a plea deal. The fine was split 50/50 (or $500/$500) between not having a COA and not having a permit to film. A video of her court appearance was tweeted by WSB TV reporter Mike Petchenik:

Here’s a screen grab of Sheree at the podium:

Sheree Whitfield in court

In case you were unaware, a certificate of occupancy is basically an official stamp from a building inspector declaring a structure habitable. As far as why Chateau Sheree didn’t have one, Tamara Tattles offered up a little insight earlier this week:

I heard this week that Sheree had the cable turned on at the Chateau. I was also told that because she doesn’t have appliances in her kitchen that a certificate of occupancy could not be given, but that it was fine for her to move in there despite those basic necessities. It still remains unclear if she has heating and cooling. I feel like it is going to be mighty drafty in that big ole monstrosity. She will probably be back in a rented apartment soon, if she can find someone to lease to her. It doesn’t stay cold long in the ATL but December and January can be brutal with no heat. The comes blazing hot weather again.

Sheree’s issues may not be over, either, because it was an irate member of the Chateua Shereeborhood that called the police on her! From Randy Ho at the AJC:

David Good, a neighbor of Whitfield’s, showed up at the hearing Friday morning. He had called the cops October 28 when dozens of cars showed up on his cul de sac behind Whitfield’s home and created a traffic nuisance. Good said people parked cars on neighbor’s lawns and blocked the street. He said the show installed a big spotlight that wasn’t allowed either.

“It was an invasion,” he said. “An absolute invasion.”

Sheree spoke with Channel 2 Action News after the hearing and scoffed at her neighbor’s accusations. “If there were cars on the lawn, they weren’t my guests,” She said. “I provided shuttles.”

Sheree wasn’t the only one in trouble, however, as RHOA production company True Entertainment was also fined $1,000 for not getting a permit to film at Chateau Sheree — or at Moore Manor! Wait, what?!

Yes, Kenya Moore is also in trouble with authorities because she did not get the proper permits to film at her house either back on June 23. But, in Kenya’s defense, she apparently did have a certificate of occupancy, so at least her house was actually finished enough to live in at the time.

Kenya was scheduled to appear in court today as well, but she was apparently busy twirling with other things. “Moore was cited for failing to appear in court this morning for her case,” reports Randy Ho, “but she called in at 9:30 a.m.. They rescheduled her hearing for December 2.”

So far there has been no response from either Kenya or Sheree about the court hearing. I simply cannot imagine the Herculean effort required by Kenya to restrain herself from saying something, so I just know she’s going to mention it in some way soon.

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