VIDEO Rejected Tom Waits theme song for Iron Man 2

Tom Waits as Iron Man

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has recently nominated mercurial artist Tom Waits for induction.  They may just take that nomination back when they hear his rejected theme song for Iron Man 2

Waits has a storied acting career that cozies up nicely right next to his eclectic and highly influential musical legacy.  It comes as no surprise that Waits is a cinema nut but who knew he was so passionate about the travails of Tony Stark and his suit of iron?  Take a listen for yourself and see what you think of the Tom Waits’ Iron Man 2 theme song that didn’t make the grade.

All right so maybe that wasn’t Waits but it is spot on and funny.  The clip and song were actually put together by Adam Buxton, a British fellow who has made his name appearing on all those BBC channels most notably starring in the Adam and Joe Show from 1997-2001. 

Here are the poignant lyrics for Tom Waits’ Iron Man Theme:

Prepare for excitement.  Tony Stark is back.
But the man in the iron mask is under attack.
His heart needs replacing. The army wants his suit.
And Mickey Rourke is after him with laser whips to boot.

Sam Rockwell hires Mickey Rourke to build a load of robots.
Mickey builds them and there’s a lot of big explosions and some romance with Pepper Potts.
She thinks Tony needs to get his act together.

Iron Man 2, Iron Man 2. If excitement is what you’re after than this movie is for you.
Did I mention things get blown up and Tony makes wise cracks?
But it’s very very long so you had better take some snacks.

Tom Waits and Iron Man 2 Poster

That’s some great stuff from Adam!  You can find out about all things Buxton by visiting his website here.