VIDEO Red-headed boy dancing to Low by Flo Rida

Dancing boy Pequeno Rojo Cabeza busts 1000 moves to Low by Flo Rida

Is there a dance move this kid doesn’t know?!? I think not! He’s channeling John Travolta, Michael Jackson, Rerun and James Brown! This was like watching an entire season of Dancing with the Stars in under three minutes! And I love the contrast of the girl in blue, who is there to constantly remind you what a “normal” funny dancing kid looks like, which is downright humdrum compared to Pequeño Rojo Cabeza. All hail PRC!

The music playing is Lowby Flo Rida.

Note – I should warn you that if you get curious and want to check out it is an adult site. I have no idea how they are connected to this hilariously innocent video.

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