PHOTOS VIDEO Does Ramona Singer have a new boyfriend? Mystery solved!

Ramona Singer new boyfriend in Miami

A collective gasp went up in the Bravosphere this week after The Real Housewives of New York City OG Ramona Singer posted photos in which she seemed to be getting cozy with a handsome mystery man in Miami.

In one of the pictures, the man seemed to be giving Ramona a smooch on the head, and she captioned it “Nothing like a #sweet16 #kiss ? from a handsome man.” Here’s that snap:

Ramona Singer boyfriend Miami

And, in an Instagram video featuring Ramona, Bethenny and Sonja going wild on the dance floor, the same mystery man appears to step in and do a little Turtle Timin’ twirl with Ramona!

Girls love having fun?? @sonjatmorgan @bethennyfrankel. Love#dancing

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So, who is Ramona Singer’s mystery man? Does she have a new boyfriend? Unfortunately (for those of us wanting that to be the case), it appears as though this slick but scruffy stack of scrumptiousness was just the waiter at Bagatelle in Miami where the three ladies (and a friend of Bethenny’s) had brunch on Sunday. Here’s a photo of him with his apron, which Bethenny tweeted along with the caption “Here are all the hot guys. Welcome to #Miami. Bienvenido a Miami.” Ramona Singer boyfriend Miami waiter Bagatelle In addition, Lesley Abravanel described the celibrunch in her column for the Miami Herald and all but confirmed that the man at the receiving end of those Ramona Eyes was just an innocent, “handsome” and “intimidated waiter.” From Lesley:

The boisterous foursome there, including a friend of Frankel’s, drank rose wine as they incessantly flirted with their handsome and, says our spy, intimidated waiter. The infamous boozy brunch party was the perfect place for Singer, who immediately got to dancing after eating a light brunch of Bagatelle’s salad and tuna tartare.

  So maybe it wasn’t Turtle Time after all — it was Tuna Tartartle Time! Of course, just because this handsome young feller was the trio’s waiter, that doesn’t automatically rule him out as Ramona’s new love interest. But, judging from the description by Lesley, I think it’s safe to assume Ramona was just having a little bit of flirty fun. On a side note, Ramona’s mystery man wasn’t the only thing Bravoholics were commenting on this week! Based on the dancing video included above as well as the photo at the top of this post, folks seem to be rather taken aback by Ramona’s seemingly ampler than usual upstairs assets, if you know what I mean. (That’s her boobs y’all.) Need I make a Ta-Tatle Time joke? The Real Housewives of New York City Season 8 premieres April 6 at 9/8c on Bravo. Click here to watch the dramatic preview trailer!

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