Video proof of an argument between Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie before her disappearance

On August 12, 2021, almost two weeks before the last time Gabby Petito’s mother heard from her, Gabby and Brian Laundrie were stopped by police in Moab, Utah. Body cam footage from this incident shows the couple talking to the police about an argument they had.

A witness to the couple arguing had called 911. “I was distracting him from driving,” Gabby says to the officer. “I’m sorry.”

After that the officer asks Gabby to get out of the vehicle. He takes her over away from Brian and asks her what’s going on. In tears Gabby says that she has really bad OCD, and that she sorry for “for being so mean … sometimes I have OCD, sometimes I get frustrated.”

The police report describes the situation as a “mental health crisis.” The report stated that Gabby had not stopped crying throughout the entire investigation. Gabby told police that she had “moved to slap” Brian at one point because she was afraid he was going to leave her on the side of the road in Utah.

Gabby’s fiancé Brian Laundrie, who is currently in hiding from police as a person of interest in her disappearance, told police that tensions were high between then because they had been traveling for month.

The police didn’t file any charges and advised the young couple that it might be a good idea to spend a night away from each other.

The full body cam footage can be seen below:

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