VIDEO PHOTOS Katy Perry performs “Wide Awake,” turns into a butterfly and accepts award in nude bodysuit at 2012 MMVAs

Katy Perry turns into a butterfly during her performance of Wide Awake at 2012 MMVAs

Katy Perry stole the show at the 2012 MMVAs as she performed her new single “Wide Awake” and transformed into a butterfly in the process. The singer started the performance draped in pupa-esque cloth before discarding it to reveal a nude bodysuit underneath. Shortly after a huge pair of colorful wings unfolded behind her to complete the metamorphosis.

Katy Perry in her cocoon before turning into a butterfly at the 2012 MMVAs

Katy Perry nude bodysuit Wide Awake performance at the 2012 MMVAs

Here’s a high definition video of Katy Perry’s performance of “Wide Awake” at the 2012 MMVAs:

Katy provided a little insight into the inspiration for the performance by tweeting on Saturday, “Tomorrow’s MMVA performance is inspired by Crazy Town’s ‘Butterfly’ & the 80’s film ‘Cocoon’ #metamorphosis”

Here are some side-by-side photos showing the full transformation – just click to enlarge:

Katy Perry transforms into a butterfly during her performance of Wide Awake at MMVAs MuchMusic Video Awards 2012

Ahhh, but changing into a massive brightly colored butterfly in the middle of her performance wasn’t the only gasp-worthy moment for Katy! Still wearing her nude bodysuit, Katy awkwardly accepted her MuchMusic Video Award for Ur Fave International Artist or Group. (she would also take home International Video of the Year for “Last Friday Night”) She stated in her acceptance speech, “I had no idea that I was going to win an award after I performed or I would have put on more clothes.” She then handed off the microphone and turned around to walk off stage, exposing her Katy Perriere in the process!

Katy Perry exposes her backside at the 2012 MMVAs

I guess that’s where the “butt” in butterfly comes from 😉

Congrats to Katy on her multiple wins and her great performance. I’m sure the single will be a huge hit, as will her new movie Katie Perry: Part of Me 3D due to hit theaters July 5.

Photos: S Fernandez / Splash News