Are Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry dating?

Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry

Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry have been friends for years — stretching back to at least 2008, when they were filmed singing karaoke. But, have their songs of choice recently become lovey duets?

According to Page Six, the pair was “looking cozy” at a premiere party for his new film, The Rover.

“They were heavily flirting,” one source said. “At one point, Robert sauntered to the bar with a pal and was heard saying, ‘She’s so [bleeping] hot,’ nodding in Katy’s direction.”

Radar Online reports there was more than innocent flirting going on…

“He kept kissing her the entire night,” a source for the party said. “They were clearly trying to stay under the radar, but they couldn’t help showing their feelings.”

The pair was also spotted earlier this spring at Coachella, where one source told Life & Style Katy and Rob’s “sexual tension” was out of control.

Considering Rob and Katy are both currently single, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with a little romance… Except for Katy’s concerns about friend Kristen Stewart’s feelings. Speaking to Elle UK last summer, Katy said she “would never disrespect” Rob’s ex-girlfriend.

Even if Katy still feels that way about striking up a relationship with Rob, the Radar Online source said it’s obvious he isn’t on the same page.

“When Rob saw Katy his eyes lit up,” the insider said. “At least 10 hotties were hovering around Rob, but his focus was on Katy.”

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