VIDEO MUG SHOT Man dies after ingesting cocaine from brother’s buttocks

Mug shot of DeAngelo Mitchell

Brothers DeAngelo and Wayne Mitchell were pulled over in North Charleston, South Carolina because a headlight was out. This simple twist of fate turned into a tragic evening after Wayne ingested an ounce of cocaine hidden in DeAngelo’s buttocks and died an hour later.

As the officers searched the vehicle the brothers were placed in the back of a patrol car. A video camera installed in the vehicle recorded what happened next as DeAngelo told Wayne that he couldn’t handle getting busted and pleaded for him to eat the cocaine stashed away in his backside. Here is the clip (disturbing content advisory):

DeAngelo Mitchell said:

“You gonna eat it, you gonna chew it. You ain’t got no strike… I can get you out… I can’t afford another strike.”

Then it appears that DeAngelo hands over the cocaine, which was stuffed in his buttocks, to Wayne.

“One of us gotta do it. You the only one that don’t have no strikes… You my lil’ brother… I’m gonna get life… You gonna unwrap it? Want me to hand you it?”

The clip ends with DeAngelo telling Wayne, “I love you bro.”

Just minutes after eating the cocaine Wayne began to have trouble breathing and keeping his head elevated. DeAngelo informed the cops that Wayne had swallowed the cocaine but did not state where it came from. In spite of being rushed to a hospital Wayne died .

23-year-old DeAngelo Mitchell has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, police records reveal that he had numerous drug possession arrests.

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