VIDEO Moving Teen Mom teddy bear ad for MTV Latin America

I stumbled upon this gem of a commercial that was put together by MTV Latin America for Teen Mom. It really is a wonderful and touching spot as it takes the concept of an innocent teddy bear and transforms it into what should be the responsible decision making of a teen mother.

The clip comes from way back on Mother’s Day but it hasn’t made the rounds very much so I thought I would share it with you. Ad Week raved about the clip and feature it as the ad of the week back on May 6th. Here is what they had to say about it:

This spot takes the viewer’s innate empathy for the kids involved and wonderfully invents a hero and advocate for them—a teddy bear, that emblem of innocence, who comes to life and intervenes (sometimes mischievously) to protect them from the baser instincts of their mothers. It’s a joy to watch—stylish, fantastically detailed and, in the end, weirdly upbeat and optimistic.

That’s because the tagline, “Think like a teen. Act like a mom,” implies that these moms can take responsibility for their situation. The teddy bear isn’t some stranger who arrives to save the day. He’s a metaphor for the mothers’ self-restraint and courage to triumph in their condition—to behave responsibly for the sake of their kids, despite the natural urge to do otherwise.

I try not to rehash old news but there was something about this clip that really moved me. If you follow my posts you know I have a 3-year-old daughter who is the center of my world and when the little bear flips the channel from a horror movie to Dora the Explorer and the child smiles, well let’s just say someone might have been cutting an onion in my kitchen. Check it out!

Someone had asked via Yahoo who it was singing the song and alas it was just a great production tune put together by director Jonathan Gurvit and Papamusic.

We are of course getting geared up for Season 2 of Teen Mom 2 which premieres on December 6. We just posted up the full extended trailer from MTV and it looks like it should be a drama fueled season. We’re always pulling for our girls here at Starcasm even after mistakes are made. So for Kailyn, Jenelle, Leah and Chelsea all I can suggest is be like the teddy bear!

Kudos to Jonathan Gurvit on his wonderful clip.

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