VIDEO Maria Menounos shares JLo’s secret butt shimmy

Maria Menounos just before her JLo butt shimmy

When a story includes TV host and author Maria Menounos, Jennifer Lopez, secrets, and a video butt shimmy you can guarantee I’m gonna post it up!

We love us some Maria, and no it’s not just because of those candid bikini wardrobe malfunction pics we landed. She’s beautiful, intelligent, well spoken and knows the innermost secrets of Jennifer Lopez’s secret butt shimmy. There are some serious perks to fame and apparently buttox-zen-secrets from Jenny From the Block is part of that package.

Here is Maria on some random two dudes rock radio show demonstrating said JLo booty aerobics:

Maria revealed to dude and other radio dude that she learned the ways of the shimmy butt but that she believes she hurt her knee while in training. She whispered to one of the dudes and insisted that they can not share the secret. Other radio dude reacted by stating, “Yo, your learning the JLo butt shimmy dude.”

Adding to the difficulty of that performance was the fact that Maria was in like, “20 inch high heels.”

And here is her sensei in a clip from YouTube. Be warned this is a low quality clip with bad dance-beat music and unnecessary Mark Anthony:

After watching I gave it a go forgetting that I have a horrible case of gone-butt. My shimmy was a shame. Best to leave that trick to JLo and MariaM.