Kate Gosselin signs dating show deal, needs to find a network first

Jon & Kate Minus Jon Plus One

Are you single? Do you love kids and man I mean L-O-V-E- kids, like, a bunch of kids? Would you be all right if your gal’s baby-daddy and ex-husband is Jon Gosselin?

If you answered yes to all 3 of those questions then man do I have some good news for you! Kate Gosselin has officially signed up to do a dating show to help her find a man. The only problem is that the show needs to find a network first.

All kidding aside, while Kate may have been out of the limelight for a while now she has a seriously devoted fan base. In a recent polling of the ten most influential reality celebrities on the internet, as in the freaking internet, Kate came in at number 5. Someone is gonna run with this, I believe it’s just a matter of time.

Sources with E! said:

“She is ready to get back into the dating game. She is ready to find love again and to move on from her past. She’s excited, this is a chance to start something new. She finds it hard to meet men in her day-to-day life. And so a dating show will give her exactly the help she needs. She is willing to travel around the country in order to meet Mr. Right.”

That “source” sounded an awful lot like a show producer pitching the concept but I digress… The 37-year-old mother of 8 is in arguably the best shape of her life as she’s been getting her marathon on as of recent. In fact she just ran a 3-mile mini-marathon in Chicago on Sunday.

Some suggestions for the name of the show:

Jon & Kate Minus Jon Plus One
Anyone But Jon
Sextuplets Live Together!
Labor of Love
Ten For the Win
The D8ing Game
Date With Kate

Just recently Kate appeared on Today and stated that her “kids” missed being in front of the cameras. “They really, honestly miss filming. They recently have been saying, ‘When are we going to go here or there?’ They miss the crew. So, with our TLC contract now over, we’re hoping to move forward and do more fun projects.”

Top Kate Photo: Michael Wright/WENN.com | Side Kate: C.Smith/ WENN.com