Kate Gosselin’s co-author, Beth Carson, speaks out against the Kate Plus 8 star

Kate Gosselin - Friend Beth Carson Speaks Out

Kate Gosselin’s former best friend and Multiple Blessings co-author is speaking out with her insider’s view of the reality star’s life — and doesn’t paint a particularly flattering picture of the mother of eight.

“I do know that Kate’s very, very intelligent, very driven, very focused, very stubborn,” Beth Carson told Radar Online. “Everything is possible, for the good or the bad… You can’t take away from what she’s accomplished with having eight children fed and clothed, but maybe there’s a different way to go about it.”

Beth, who appeared on Jon & Kate Plus 8 along with her husband, said her top priority was seeing that the kids were cared for.

“Once it stopped being about the kids, and turned to fame and money, I was out. I really truly just wanted the kids to have what they needed,” said the Pennsylvania mother of four. “It was a really easy decision for me once it stopped being about the kids to say, ‘I’m out.'”

Still, business matters were an issue between her and Kate: They initially agreed to split proceeds on Multiple Blessings 50/50, but Kate tried to change the contract at the last-minute so that she and Jon would receive the majority of the profits.

Multiple Blessings Kate Gosselin Beth Carson

“Luckily I’d covered my butt with a lawyer and fortunately I have a business-minded husband who basically said we had to take precautions when doing business with friends. If not, I would have not gotten one penny or had any recourse, because Kate tried very, very hard to get my name off everything and take my cut,” Beth said. “That was sort of the last straw. It was a smack in the face.”

Despite their problems, Beth said she doesn’t hold “any ill wishes” toward her former friend. She does, however, still fear for the kids.

“They were so highlighted and so out there on TV, as real people, so the kids are the first products of that. The kids were really the first ones who had no choice, they were infants. It has influenced their every moment of every day,” she said.

She added the kids were initially surrounded by people who genuine cared about them, but Kate found reasons to let them all go.

“It’s a tribute to the character and integrity of those who helped her,” said Beth, who admitted she hasn’t spoken to Kate in years. “It’s also a testament to Kate’s character, for not keeping them in her life. I think she’s got to see that it’s sad.”

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