Exposé accuses Kate Gosselin of grabbing her son by the hair, whipping him

Kate Gosselin Now - Kate Plus 8 Special

In the middle of the two-part Kate Plus Eight: The Sextuplets Turn 10 special on TLC, former reporter Robert Hoffman is re-releasing his exposé on Kate Gosselin.

Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World was originally published in 2012. Robert claimed it was legally compiled using documents on a personal hard drive Kate threw in the trash. The book was retracted two days after publication on the basis of copyright violation. Kate later filed a lawsuit against Robert and ex-husband Jon Gosselin, claiming they conspired against her and obtained the information illegally.

“The most unexpected and disappointing thing was who was at the center of it. It has to be done for the safety and the future of my kids,” Kate explained in September 2013 about why she felt it was necessary to sue her ex. However, just two months later, she requested a “voluntary dismissal” of the lawsuit — effectively clearing the way for Robert to reissue the book.

Because the exposé was so quickly retracted at the time of its original publication, few details about the controversial content were known. Not wanting to let the juicy details slip through our fingers again, InTouch grabbed a sneak peek. In one chilling excerpt, Robert directly quoted a passage from Kate’s diary in which she wrote about “whipping” son Collin when he was young toddler. One of our commenters who read the book added Kate’s outburst was due to a potty-training accident.

Collin Gosselin

“I grabbed him and spanked him as hard as I could and thought I may seriously injure him, so I sent him to his crib… and whipped him into it very hard,” Kate allegedly wrote. “I really REALLY lost it! I pulled Collin up by the hair and I spanked them so hard!”

Kate apparently added she called then-husband Jon to warn him that she “may hurt his children.”

The two-part Kate Plus Eight special — which shows Kate scolding the kids — airs on June 19 and 26 at 10/9c. Robert plans to reissue Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World on June 23.

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