VIDEO Joe Manganiello shows Conan how to ‘pillage a village’ stripper style

Joe Manganiello Conan

Joe Manganiello, People’s sexiest bachelor alive and new boyfriend of Sofia Vergara, swung by Conan for a little chit-chat and tossed in some free stripper move tips while he was at it.

Magic Mike’s Big Dick Richie not only gave Conan O’Brien some pointers on the importance of hip inertia, he also provided the host with an all important stage name:

Joe: Have you been working on your male stripper name?

Conan: No. It never occurred to me before – I don’t know what I’d be.

Joe: I think “Big Red” would work. Like a viking, with a helmet and tear away armor – you know “I’m here to pillage your village.”

The True Blood star recently released his own documentary about the profession of male clothes removal, La Bare.

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