VIDEO Jessica Simpson’s family reportedly gives her rehab ultimatum after loopy HSN appearance

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson - Rehab Ultimatum

Following yet another bizarre appearance on television, Jessica Simpson’s family is reportedly doubling down on their ultimatum that she gets help in rehab “or else.”

“They’ve known for a while that she has a problem, but this was a huge wake-up call,” an insider told InTouch, alleging that Jessica abuses Adderall, anti-anxiety pills, and alcohol. “Whenever they’ve talked about it in the past, Jessica would deny it — and since she supports everyone financially, no one pushed her.”

The new reports come after Jessica seemed out of it during a live segment on HSN last week. Within the past few months, she’s also been pictured stumbling out of a club, and seemed a bit unstable during an interview with Extra.

Radar Online reports husband Eric Johnson tried to lay down the law with Jessica in May, but was unsuccessful in convincing her to get help. An insider told them “He is worried sick that Jess’ conduct is going to start affecting their two children and that their oldest is starting to realize there’s something wrong with mommy.”

Now the family is reportedly considering “in-home recovery programs and high-profile rehab centers.” That insider told InTouch, “They’re leaning towards in-home, because they know Jessica will never agree to be separated from her children. Everyone is hoping that if they find the perfect option, Jessica will finally accept the help she needs.”

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