VIDEO Is Amber Portwood from Teen Mom pregnant again?

Is Teen Mom's Amber Portwood Pregnant again?

UPDATE June 23, 2010: The Season Two trailer for Teen Mom reveals that Gary may be cheating on Amber, and that she may, in fact, be expecting again!

On “Teen Mom Finale Special: Checkup with Dr. Drew” Amber Portwood tells her now on-again boyfriend, Dr. Drew, and the rest of the world that she may be expecting another baby. This is a shocking possibility since we’ve all gotten a snippet of how difficult it’s been for Amber and Gary to navigate the emotional, financial, and physical responsibilities of parenthood with their darling daughter Leah.

Amber and Gary, who have an explosive relationship and have broken up several times throughout the taping of Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant and have experienced issues of neglect, screaming matches and domestic violence (to name a few), are back together and claim to use a condom every time they have sex. Condoms aren’t 100% effective, and Amber reveals that she has the same feelings she felt the first time she was pregnant.

Here’s the video:

We can all breath a huge sigh of relief because she isn’t currently pregnant, according to her Facebook page, updated last Wednesday:


Whew! Keep using those condoms, and get some birth control too! According to Dr. Drew 25% of teen mothers become pregnant again in the next two years! Wowza! Girls, listen to GaGa, put a condom in your purse with your lipstick.

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