VIDEO I don’t think Selena will mind Justin Bieber’s new valentine: Meet Mrs. Bieber

Justin Bieber visits Avalanna to make her dream come true

Young Avalanna Routh has a very rare form of brain cancer called Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumors. In an effort to cheer her up during a particularly harsh round of chemotherapy last year friends and family threw her a “wedding” in which she received a t-shirt that read, “The Future Mrs. Bieber.”

About a week ago her babysitter and her sister set up a Facebook and Twitter page in hopes of getting the attention of Bieber’s camp with the goal of getting Avalanna to meet her hero. The hard work paid off as Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun took notice and flew the Routh family to New York City for some quality time with the Biebs.

During her visit, the two played Candy Land, gave each other tattoos and Avalanna even got the opportunity to style Justin’s hair. Justin tweeted out to his 17 million plus followers how inspired he was by his visit.

Here is a video report filed by FOX 25:

I’m sure this was a wonderful day for Avalanna and I have nothing but positive vibes to send out to Justin and his camp in making time for this to happen. I mean, the girl had enough guts to sneak in a couple of kisses. Now that’s making the most of your opportunities!


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