VIDEO Guy Fieri gets in knuckle sandwich brawl with his hairdresser (seriously)


Guy Fieri is best known for two things, being the face of the Food Network and that hair of his. So, of course, in a perfect act of pop-culture, viral-video symmetry, the TV host was caught on video getting in a crazy fight with his hairdresser!

The only way that the following clip could have been any more perfect is if Guy would have gotten into a food fight with his hair dresser – but then the internet would have imploded… Be warned, the clip is slap-full of wordy dirds and a hairdresser throwing tons of knuckle sandwiches at Guy Fieri:

According to TMZ, Guy’s hair man / hit man is Ariel Ramirez. Sources close to this hot mess of hair and flinging fists said that the two simply got into it over nothing really and that it was “just dudes being dudes.” A rep for Guy said that everything is cool now between the two of them.

Thank goodness. Now these “dudes” can refocus on that most important task of maintaining Guy’s magnificent mane!

Photo: Patricia Schlein/WENN

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