VIDEO Full 84 Lumber immigration ad deemed too political for Super Bowl


Hardware chain 84 Lumber made the most overtly political statement during last night’s Super Bowl with a commercial celebrating an immigrant’s journey to the United States.

The complete ad was rejected by FOX because they deemed the spot, which featured a mother and daughter undertaking an arduous journey to the United States only to be confronted by a massive wall, as too political. The version that aired during the Super Bowl was shortened and included a request to visit the company’s website for the full story.

The message comes at a time when President Trump enacted a controversial executive order banning immigrants from a number of countries while simultaneously promising to follow through with his campaign promise of building a wall along the Mexico-U.S. border.

The site for 84 Lumber crashed from the traffic demand but the company was prepared for that as they circulated the complete version via social media:

The commercial depicts a mother and daughter journeying to the border of the United States while a crew, including a man who could be the husband and father of the woman and daughter trying to cross, is seen working on an unidentified structure. The child gathers tattered and worn items during their arduous trek and forms them into a rudimentary American flag to console her mother who is heartbroken by the visage of the wall.


As hope wains, the pair discover a massive door that has been built into the barricade. A man with a hard hat is seen driving away with a determined look as the closing scene reads, “The will to succeed is always welcome here.”

84 Lumber did not just put this ad out and leave it at that, they have been diligently responding to supporters and detractors of their message via Twitter.

The complete version has already eclipsed over 3 million views.