VIDEO Frankie Grande gives eulogy for his Grandpa in Big Brother house


Ariana Grande’s brother Frankie Grande is currently competing in this season’s Big Brother on CBS. Part of the deal when you go into the house is that no news is shared from the outside world.

The network made an exception as they informed Frankie that his beloved Grandpa Frank had passed away. Ariana has been sharing this information with her legion of devoted fans and it had everyone involved wondering if Frankie would be notified.

One of Frank’s final wishes, as shared to Ariana, was that Frankie not be told if it were to jeopardize his opportunity to win. The producers made the decision to let him know and continue on in the game. In response, Frankie delivered a eulogy that will be allowed to be given to the family:

My grandfather spent every day of his life fighting for his family … He had dreams, he had ambitions, he had goals, and he worked his butt off every single day to get to that place, so that we were provided for … And now this letter tells me, that he wants me to stay here and he wants me to fight, he’s proud of me, he’s proud of what I am doing in this house … I wanted to be my grandfather, that’s all I’ve ever wanted to be in this life was to be my grandfather. I wanted to be him and I wanted him to be proud of me … Everything I’ve ever done, I tried to do in his image … Everyday I am alive on this planet, on this Earth, I try to be like him … Look up on my Instagram, scroll down and find the picture of me and my grandfather tanning because that epitomizes our relationship. Me in a little speedo and him in a full suit, and we are lying next to each other.

Frank-GrandeOne of the strongest, greatest men to ever walk this Earth … He survived cancer twice before succumbing to cancer. This is his third battle with cancer. He had colon cancer, survived. Stomach cancer, got 90 percent of his stomach removed, survived. 90 years old, diagnosed with stomach cancer again … And some might say that this is a failure, this is the final battle that he didn’t win, I don’t look at it that way. Look at the legacy he left behind …

I hope he was proud of me, he said he was proud of me, so I believe him … Next week, if I get another assignment from Team America, and I win, and I’ve won all the ones to this date, I will have raised enough money to build a school in Africa. And today I have decided I am going to name that school after my grandfather, it will be the Frank Grande Educational Center … I will build a school in his name, and I will continue to fight. And I will continue to use the lessons that he gave me and the strength that he gave me to win this game, because now there’s no option …

I appreciate that he wanted me to stay here. I hope that you will all support my decision to stay here. And I hope that everyone that is watching this, you help support my family, because I can’t do it right now … So I’m going to stay here and I am going to fight, but I need you guys to help have my sister’s back. My sister is probably a mess right now, and I can’t hug her, so you have to … Thank you for telling me … It has given me a new desire to fight. I have something else to fight for now, I am fighting for my grandfather’s legacy.


In the Kabbalah, we meditate on three letter sequences … and I want thinking of which one to use for my grandfather and it was ‘contacting departed souls’, and that was the first time that it actually subsided in me that he is no longer here … But I’m gonna be strong, and I’m gonna win HOH, and I’m gonna win this game … I’m gonna go be strong now … Rest in peace, Frank Grande, one of the most remarkable men to ever live on this earth, and thank you for all that you taught me … Thank you for being the greatest role model a grandson could ever have.

Time to go win Big Brother.

Hamsterwatch verified via Twitter that this video will be sent to the family , “Frankie’s video is to be sent to the family for the memorial or funeral service,. thanks all!”

Ariana was tuned into the 24/7 feed and had the following to say:

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