VIDEOS Big Brother 13’s Rachel Reilly conducts interviews for High Speed Divas

Rachel Reilly from Big Brother 12

Back before Rachel Reilly was the buxom reality starlet on Big Brother 12 (and WINNER OF BIG BROTHER 13!!!!) she was not only an experienced model but also a reporter for High Speed Divas magazine! Here are a couple videos of the brunette bombshell (pre-redhead) at the Premiere of Resident Evil: Extinction in Las Vegas in September of 2007.

(Is anyone else getting the sneaking suspicion Rachel Reilly is “The Saboteur?” She certainly has the on-camera experience and she seems to be overplaying the part of the ditzy big boobed babe a bit. Plus, the producers of the show would know she would have a good chance of sticking around for a while.)

The first video features a brief appearance by Sylvester Stallone (around the 4:05 mark) and interviews with Oded Fehr, Joe Hursley, Mike Epps, Spencer Locke, Ashanti and Ali Larter:

Part Two has Pamela Anderson, the band Searchlight, the owner of Planet Hollywood, a guy known only as “Jason” and another anonymous dude:

This next video is a sit-down interview with Sean Faris about his movie Never Back Down from March of 2008. (Dontcha love that schoolgirl reporter look Rachel has going on?)

Thanks to DJ Foothill and High Speed Magazine for the sexy Rachel Reilly bikini photo! Stay tuned – we should be bringing you more Rachel Reilly bikini yum from the pages of High Speed Magazine soon! And HERE THEY ARE!

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