VIDEO: Firefighters should save lives, not rap

Three renegade members of the Midland Michigan Fire Department took it upon themselves to throw down with a rap.  Mark Laux, Steve Markowski and Roger Bebeau do their very best at raising awareness for fireworks safety.  In the process they manage to embarrass the heck out of friends and family and the entire state of Michigan. 

Here is the drop it like it’s hot clip that is fanning flames across America:

“Buy only stuff approved by the State.  That be class C as of this date.  Always follow the words of the label.  It’s like the moral of an Aesop fable!”

Stashes, axes and shades does not a rapper make.  After watching that clip I jumped into a lake.  I feel sorry for your kids because now it’s too late. Leave the rap game to that other white guy from your state.  Oh no, video, there you go, with a fire-hose. I’m out, peace.

MFD, you better stick to being heroes.  If it’s any consolation, with that type of talent you may get to marry Alanis Morissette someday!